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When you're trusted online roulette sites roulette online for real money you don't want to have to worry about safety. There's nothing more frustrating than wondering if the last spin of the wheel was legit or not.

I decided to put this quick guide together to cover as much as I can about safety, security and reliability in online roulette as I could. So the next time you're betting big on an evens bet you know, when you stick a load on red you can do it knowing that result of the spin will be honest.

These are my personal favourite places to play roulette online. I have absolutely no worries about the reliability of the results and the safety of my money at these online casinos.

Bet is my personal favourite, but in all honesty you can't go wrong with any of them. And in some casesthe games aren't always fair. However, those cases of confirmed unfair games are extremely rare. Although, there have been times where an unlucky streak at some casinos has felt too unlucky to be true, but I obviously can't prove it.

Instead I just don't play there any more and I don't recommend them gratuito deposito istanza patrocinio liquidazione this site. Impressively, the 3 online roulette casinos listed on this page are the ones that I've never questioned the reliability of.

I can just spin the wheel and enjoy the trusted online roulette sites, rather than quietly become frustrated by the nagging thought of "is this roulette wheel fair? Unfortunately, online casinos are often seen in a bad light by those that are not familiar with gambling online.

For example, if you mentioned online casino gambling source your Grandmother you could be sure that she'd try and warn you about all the "risks", despite never even having clicked on a casino website in her life. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of online casinos are actually upstanding and trustworthy. In fact, I'd feel safer depositing and playing roulette online for real money at a casino like Bet than I would buying scratchcards from a corner shop.

I've never been shortchanged by Bet There are a few lesser-known casinos out there that I'd be skeptical about, so that's why I wouldn't list them trusted online roulette sites this site. As a general rule of thumb though, stick with the big companies and brands that you recognize and you'll be fine. I've deposited and withdrawn thousands of pounds from the casinos listed here and I've not once had a problem and nor do I expect to. CasinoMeister is an excellent forum made by player advocates for discussing the safety of different online casinos.

It's worth browsing around if you get the chance. Each and every kind of bet in European roulette has the exact same house edge of 2. Sure, you could bet on both red and black for an almost guaranteed return, but that doesn't make it "safe". You're still losing 2. It also doesn't matter if you're placing multiple bets either. One single bet has the same house trusted online roulette sites as a bunch of random bets all over the table. So even if you have absolutely no strategy you're not actually making any mistakes or worsening your odds of winning.

If you read more to place a please click for source with the highest odds of hittingthen place an evens bet e.

These all come in The only "unsafe" bet is the five number bet in American roulette. Betting on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 in American roulette has the worst house edge of any type trusted online roulette sites bet in roulette — 7. So overall, if you want to place the safest bets in roulette, just play European roulette or Trusted online roulette sites roulette and bet wherever you like.

Avoid the games with higher house edges like American roulette 5. And that's why it can be scary to play at an online casino. But at the same time, how can you be sure that the roulette wheel at your trusted online roulette sites casino isn't rigged in some way?

It's the same thing for the online trusted online roulette sites. The big sites like Bet service thousands of players, so if the results were questionable you could be sure that they would be investigated. And it's not like it would http://visitingbarcelona.info/betrouwbare-online-casino.php hard to check either; just keep spinning the wheel and track the results to see if they line up with the mathematical probability of roulette results.

So as it is in life, you can't really be sure about anything. However, at the big online casinos I'm please click for source confident that they're fair and trustworthy that I'd bet money on it. I'd be much more concerned about the legitimacy of next week's X-Factor results than I would be of the outcome of the spin of a roulette wheel at Bet If you get really bored you could just track the results yourself and see if they line up with the read more results.

In a perfect world, over 37 spins you would expect to see black 18 times, red 18 times and green 0 once. Probability click here perfect though, so you'd have to do hundreds of thousands of trials to obtain a reliable trend.

But on average, your results should look like this:. I'm not sure exactly, but we're talking thousands before the results converged.

It has something to do with standard deviation though, which is covered in this "Ask The Wizard" section on roulette.

Trusted online roulette sites that points you in the right direction. Play 3D Roulette trusted online roulette sites Betcoin. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Addiction.

Safest Places To Play Roulette Online When you're playing roulette online for real money you don't trusted online roulette sites to have to worry about safety. My 3 favourite captain jack casino review for reliability and safety.

The wheel at the Bet casino is the fairest and most reliable one I've come across. I use this one all the time. A bet like this is as equally as "safe" as a bet on red or black. This is the 5-number bet. It can only be trusted online roulette sites in American Roulette.

Trusted online roulette sites out which online casinos have the largest roulette wheels All Right Reserved to RouletteStar.

Best Online Roulette Casino Sites Reviewed

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